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When it comes to tomato sauces, I'm definitely not a connoisseur. How could I be?! When I cook anything involving tomato sauce, I rely on the brand names in jars...the smoother and less chunky, the better. (It's a texture thing.)

So when I read Smitten Kitchen's adaptation for Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter, my first thought was, "hey, this not only sounds easy enough that I'd be willing to try making it, but also tasty enough that I'd be willing to try eating it."

And the results? Were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and sweet the sauce (with only three ingredients!) was, and loved how little effort it took to cook. The only change I made was to leave some of the onion in the sauce. Originally, I followed her instructions and took the onion out, but as I did, a couple of sauce-covered pieces came loose. When I took a bite of one, it was so yummy and chewy (without being smushy) that I couldn't resist putting some back into the sauce.

Also, since I do prefer my sauces smooth instead of chunky, I really liked that she included a note about the possibility of substituting tomato puree for the whole canned tomatoes. This made me very happy!

With some tasty French bread from Panera and a cup of cucumbers in Italian dressing, it was the perfect dinner for a Friday night after a hectic week.

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