hitting the snooze button on motherhood

Seeing me interact with babies and children...seeing how much I enjoy playing and talking with my friends' little ones...people often ask if I feel my biological clock ticking. And the answer is always no. No way. Don't get me wrong - I do want to have a family one day. But the key phrase there is "one day." I'm in no hurry. There are no alarms going off on my biological clock, and there is no reason for me to rush.

Until it is my time for a family, I consider myself content to spend quality moments with the babies and children in my corner of the world. You could say that's my snooze button on the clock. I get to appreciate the joy those little ones bring to the world and to learn from the graceful examples set by their mothers, my friends.

For Mother's Day last weekend, I wanted to do something to honor two of my closest friends who are moms...to recognize the nurturing and loving and caring that I see them provide for their families...to let them know in a personal way how much I look up to them in this capacity. And they turned out so beautifully that I just had to share!

Truly, I consider myself so privileged to have these two moms - and so many others - around me. Some day, I hope to live up to the bar they have set so high.

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Alice J. Wisler said…
Thanks for reading my novel, Rain Song!

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