this week was good because of...

...quiet time at Starbucks to organize my thoughts and priorities, complete with the company of the grasshopper on the window.

...getting to pull the fire alarm for my building's fire drill...ah, the forbidden thrill of it!

...finding a pretty nice local scrapbook store.

...time to scrapbook...the first in a couple of months.

...the commissioning service for our student chaplains.

...compliments from the VP of Student Life.

...a night out...complete with good drinks, cute boys to watch and lots of laughs!

...the invitation to be a bridesmaid in a dear friend's New Year's Eve 2009 wedding.

What made your week good?

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Anonymous said…
What made last week good?

Um...tough time coming up with something.

I could count having an awesome parking spot for another three weeks.

Or, watching the clock strike 2:30 on Friday afternoon ;)
OH Joneses said…
hey-- we're all set for the Dec. 5 crop at the Potter's Ranch!! YAY!

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