a little appreciation doesn't seem too much to ask

"If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it will be enough."
(Meister Eckhart)

I understand that, in any office environment, some projects are foreseeable and others aren't... that, occasionally, things will sometimes come up at the last minute that take priority over anything else. I get that. However, when it happens regularly - when hectic crunches seem more like the rule than the exception - it's frustrating. Seriously frustrating. Because I struggle to understand how someone could be considered the leader within an office, and yet be so disorganized and scatter-brained as to repeatedly rely on last-minute rushes to get projects done.

What I've realized is that those scatter-brains end up being successful as a result of their staffs...the people who will rearrange their own task lists and schedules to make sure the "really important project" gets done, and then work extra-hard afterwards to make up the difference. And that's fine. I'm wise enough to realize that sometimes, that's how the world works. All I ask is that those "leaders" be savvy enough to show their appreciation for the hard work their office staff are contributing to making them look good...not with effusive public praise or grand claims of "how lost I'd be without my staff". No, I'll settle for a simple "thank you, I appreciate your help getting that done today." That's all I'm looking for here.

So it's disappointing when once again, a co-worker and I helped manage a last-minute, rush-to-get-it-done project...and once again had our efforts go unacknowledged. Was it part of our responsibility as employees to get this done? Yes. But a little appreciation doesn't seem too much to ask.

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Dan said…
I appreciate you Colleen, especially for all the postcards! :-)

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