flat stanley goes to the crescent city

Have you heard the story of Flat Stanley? It's a rather cute children's story that has become this global interactive phenomenon...something very cool and very fun in that feel-like-a-kid-again kind of way. So when I found out that a local second-grade classroom - taught by the mom of one of my college students - was sending Flat Stanleys out, I asked my student if she could get me one. And she did! So tomorrow, when Mom, Dad and I fly to New Orleans, we'll have a little stowaway with us - a little stowaway who promises to return with many photos and stories of his week in the Big Easy.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Baxter said…
We made a Flat Stanley to look like our boss, so we actually made a Flat Dan. He went to England with me. It was pretty hilarious. I took pictures of him with a guard at Buckingham palace, the block and axe at the Tower of London, and the horses at the changing of the horse guard, among other places :-)

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