the little eagles that could

The last couple of game weekends have not been good ones for Boston College. First, there was the loss to Florida State. Ugh. Then there was last weekend's loss to Maryland by just one touchdown...a touchdown that (in my humble viewing opinion) should not have been counted. Bleh. So here they are, going into yesterday's game against Clemson with two conference losses, a good-but-still disappointing 8-2 record, and the chance to play for the conference title on the line. For some teams, this would have been too much. They might have folded, saying, "you know what? All those doubters were right...we can't handle this conference."

Not my Boston College Eagles. This was a challenge they accepted...successfully! This morning, they're 9-2. With a 20-17 win over Clemson. They have a spot in the conference title game in two weeks. This is awesome! Gotta love my come-from-behind, score-the-winning-touchdown-in-the-last-two-minutes Eagles. They may seem down, but they're not out. Not at all.

Where I am: Lebanon, KY
What I'm reading: The Devil's Teeth by Susan Casey, and From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz


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