i think i've found my line

I admit…I’m not good at approaching guys. At all. It’s a combination of being intimidated, being shy and being old-fashioned. But every once in a while, I take a chance…and the results are always fun.

Such was the case during my trip to Chicago, when I pulled off what might become my favorite line. My friends and I were hanging out at a local bar, when I realized that the very cute guy I’d noticed earlier was now sitting with his friend at the table next to us. There may have been a couple of mutual furtive glances…but surrounded by friends, the likelihood of either of us doing anything was slim. Then, while taking a couple of pictures of my friends, I got an idea. A crazy, silly, nothing-to-lose idea. So after consulting with my friend Cejda, I walked over to the table where Cute Guy and his friend were, camera in hand, and said, “Hi, I know this will sound silly, but could I take your guys’ picture?”

As would be expected, there were some curious glances from the two of them and a hesitant comment or two, as they tried to figure out what exactly was going on. Then I continued, “I’d like to be able to show my friends how good-looking the guys I met in Chicago were.” And they were in! Even better, Cute Guy insisted that I be in the photo with them. Um, okay! The absolute best part was that, after we took the photos, they started chit-chatting with me…which led to some light, easy conversation…which led to me and two of my friends sitting at their table for the rest of the night…which led to me sharing a cab with Cute Guy and his friend at the end of the night...which led to getting to hug Cute Guy good night when they dropped me off at my hotel.

Am I easily amused? Absolutely. But I was very tickled to use such a corny approach…a line that was simple and direct and me….and totally amused to have it work so well. Guess all I need to do now is make sure I always have my camera handy.

But if the picture approach doesn’t work, I could always try this goofy but original line, which actor Dave Annable shared in last week’s People magazine:

“I go up to you and say, ‘Excuse me, how much do you think a polar bear weighs?’ And you would say, ‘I don’t know,’ and I’d say, ‘Let’s just say it’s enough to break the ice. I’m Dave, how are you?’ “

Nice. So what's your line??

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