the calm after the storm

Wow...this coming weekend will be the first weekend since the beginning of October that there are no out-of-town plans involved. That's five fabulous weekends in a row. Nice. As much as I've enjoyed all that, though, I'll admit that I'm looking forward to some downtime...a chance to unclutter my living space, to catch up on little things, and to get some scrapbooking done. Oh, and share pictures and stories of my most recent adventures in the Windy City of Chicago. That sounds like the perfect plan for my in-town weekend.

Where I am: Lebanon, KY
What I'm reading: The Devil's Teeth by Susan Casey


OH Joneses said…
Lee-- don't you want to come up this weekend for Tyler's birthday?? JUST KIDDING! You enjoy your relaxing time at home and think of me as I will be subjecting myself to the chaos of 8+ 2-3 year olds! LOL.

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