"wow. boston college is legit."

That's the text message my friend Bryan sent me last Thursday night, after my Boston College Eagles beat the Virginia Tech Hokies 14-10. "Wow. Boston College is legit." Well duh! As if there was any doubt.

Well okay, maybe there was. I mean, BC did wait until the last two minutes and eleven seconds of the game to score their two touchdowns and two extra points. Little bit of eek there. Seriously - when I hopped online last Thursday night to get the final score, only to find out that, with ten minutes left in the game, the score was 10-0 for Tech, I was just a bit nervous. There was that whole undefeated thing and a #2 ranking to worry about, you know. So I was excited to find this awesome feature on ESPN that let me "watch" the last bit of the game online:

Because I don't think I could have waited for a final score. I would have been too on edge, wondering if they'd been able to score anything at all. So being able to keep track of the plays as they happened, and do a little happy dance (which there are no pictures of, Dan!) as they scored not once, but twice on a couple of awesome drives...the only thing better would have been having cable to actually watch the real game.

So YAY for Boston College - still undefeated and #2! - and a second yay for whomever came up with this whole online bar-graph looking game tracker. Together, the two made last Thursday night a very happy night for this Eagle.

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Dan said…
If you dance in Chicago, I'm taking pictures. Especially if it's on something. Or someone. You never know.

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