truly my parents' child

One of my Mom and Dad’s favorite things to do on a weekend is visit the antique shows. When I’m here, I don’t go with them all that often…mainly because there’s lots of furniture, dishes and other sorts of things for sale that I don’t really have any interest in right now. Occasionally, though, I’ll tag along – sometimes to help Mom find something particular, other times, just to browse and be amused by odd things the dealers have in their booths. Because there’s truly no telling what you might find for sale there.

Well, yesterday, I found something I did have an interest in…in fact, I found two somethings. Two somethings that I fell in love with the moment I saw them, even if I may not ever use either of them all that much.

They’re fun and quirky and unique…and they’re all mine. It’s somethings like these that make me understand why Mom & Dad enjoy their ventures to the antiques shows…and remind me why it might be better that I don’t go with them more often.

Where I am: Lebanon, KY
What I’m reading: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks


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