she did not just say that!

I will freely admit that I am totally addicted to watching "The Bachelor". Every season, it gets a little more over the top, a little more dramatic...and yet it's just so entertaining! Gawking at the things the women will say...laughing at the things they will do...all to try to position themselves as the Bachelor's "true love"...really, it's completely habit-forming.

And yes, I realize that there's a lot of editing going on in post-production...that conversations can be (and are) pieced together in a way to make them more sizzling and tantalizing. But every now and then, one of the girls will say something that - regardless of editing - is just jaw-dropping. She'll say something that you truly hope she's later embarrassed or ashamed to have said, something you hope her friends weren't afraid to call her out on.

For example:
the girl tonight who, in talking about another girl who's divorced, commented, "Why would [the Bachelor] want her? She's like a used car. He'd have to keep kicking the tires to make sure she still ran." Oh. My. Goodness. Did she really just say that?! Because those people who are fortunate enough to have not been divorced would never have any baggage or anything, right? Again, I realize there's editing involved...but wow. Of all the things that girl could have said to try and make herself feel like she was the better match, she really didn't need to say that.

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