reason #459 why i'm a great catch: families love me

Well, most families love me. There was that one family that didn’t necessarily care for me all that much…I think they thought I was stealing their beloved oldest son away from them or some silliness. Hmph. However, because of that five-year experience, I’m always pleasantly surprised and touched at how kindly and warmly my friends’ families welcome me into their company and gatherings. I love feeling at home among my friends’ families…as if wherever I am, whomever I’m with, is simply an extension of my own family, because of the comfort and laughter and conversation.

The most amusing part of this welcomeness is when my friends’ families like me so much that they decide they need to help me find a guy who will enjoy my company as much as they do. I think the unspoken sentiment is, “a nice girl like Sleepeybear deserves a good guy…and we should help her find him.” And while I love each and every member of this growing extended family for this, it can get a little carried away sometimes. I mean, we’ve talked before about Cute Groomsman, of course, to whom I’m apparently already married if my one friend’s in-laws have their way.

Then this weekend, another guy was added to the list of “guys Sleepeybear has been introduced to by friends’ well-meaning families.” And I have to say, this had to be the most un-subtle, more-than-a-little-embarrassing introduction to a guy that I’ve experienced. Long story short, after mentioning a few minutes earlier that one of the guys in the room was single (I think it was his nephew?), my friend’s dad-in-law called him over, said, “there’s someone you should meet,” and enlisted my friend to help with the introductions. The most embarrassing moment, though, was his next comment, which went something like this – “Okay, I’ve done my part as matchmaker, now it’s up to the two of you. You’ve got a friend in common, so you know who to ask for an email address.”

None of us – me, the guy, my friend – knew what to say. In fact, I’m pretty sure all three of us were speechless. And my poor friend…I think she felt responsible for her dad-in-law’s comments, so she seemed almost as embarrassed as I was. And yet later, as I was driving home and replaying the moment, I was completely entertained by it. Because it means so much to me that my friend’s dad-in-law thinks enough of me that he’d even consider introducing me to someone in that way, much less one of his family. As awkward as it felt, it was a nice reminder of how very blessed I am to have such good people in my life, looking out for me and wanting what’s good for me…even if they do embarrass me along the way.

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