bc football on the brain

The Boston College football team is ranked fourth in the nation. Fourth. How exciting is that?!

Have I mentioned that they're also undefeated? Yes, undefeated. 6-0. Sweet!

But I'll admit, both the ranking and the record make me nervous. What's that saying? Oh yeah..."the higher you rise, the harder you fall." BC started the season unranked, with a new head coach...only to come out every Saturday, play hard (if not always well), and work their way to where they are now. And don't get me wrong - I'm super-proud of my school's team for having such a successful season so far. With all the musical chairs going on in the rankings each week, though, as "sure thing" victories turn into upsets, I can't help but worry that BC will be next on the chopping block.

That said, I've got my fingers crossed. There's the big game tomorrow at Notre Dame, followed by some serious conference games. So let's go Eagles!! Keep it up, and let's ride this season to the highest Heights!

(And as if there weren't enough reasons to be excited about Boston College football, here's another one. So awesome!)

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