this is not a beignet

This is a funnelcake. And while the fundamentals of a funnelcake - fried dough with powdered sugar - may seem similar to a beignet, trust me on this. They're not the same treat. Beignets are infinitely better. Even the price of a delicious plate of Cafe du Monde beignets (about $1.50) is better than the price of your average festival funnelcake (about $4).

Got that, Josh? Or do I need to have Natalie cuss at you some more?

Where I am: Lebanon, KY


Joshua said…
Okay. Let's be honest. The beignet was infinitely better because you were infinitely drunker and infinitely more in New Orleans. Weren't you on coke at the time, too?

BTW - I need to go grab a tortilla, throw some beef on it, and mix it with some salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese. And then call it something French to piss people off.
Adri said…
Beignets are infinitely better BECAUSE they are in New Orleans. :) Yet, somehow, I too had to describe beignets as "like funnelcake" to too many people!
Lee said…
Thank you, Adri, for pointing out part of the beignet's appeal. Eating a beignet in the French Quarter will always be more fun than eating funnelcake at a country festival.

And Joshua? Having eaten more beignets sober than drunk, there is no qualifier necessary when declaring that beignets are infinitely better. They just are.

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