light snoozing, deep thinking

Sunday afternoon, on the drive back to my friends' house from Wilmington, their doggie and I stretched out in the back seat for a snooze in the setting sun. In between dozing off and singing along to the radio, I thought a lot...mainly because I love thinking in the car. There's something about rolling down the highway that lets thoughts flow and converge and spin in a way that helps me think more clearly. And from amongst all the thoughts, this emerged:

Have you ever looked at a guy (or a girl, if that's your preference), thought to yourself, "I don't stand a chance - he's too good of a catch, and besides, he's probably taken anyways," and decided not to express your interest? I mean, we've all been there, right? Well, until this weekend, I'd never stopped to consider that there's a flip side to this scenario...basically, that for all we know, that other person could be standing there thinking the exact same thing about us.

And yet realizing this very simple concept doesn't make it any easier to take that first step and say to someone, "I'm attracted to you." Because they might not be thinking that exact same thing after all...and that, my friends, would bring a whole lot of sweet daydreams to a sad end.

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