absolutely loving college football season!

In college, I was a basketball fan...most likely because UNCW didn't have a football team. It wasn't until I got to Boston College for grad school that I got sucked in...and in the past couple of years, I've become more and more interested in following not just my BC Eagles, but college football in general. So while I'm super psyched that BC is 4-0 so far (including some conference victories early on!), I'm also enjoying watching other games and following other teams as the season hits its stride.

Yesterday, there were some good games...even a few nail-biters (ahem...'Bama vs. UGA). But this is my absolute favorite moment of the day -

Unbelievably cool...and the expression on the USC coach's face as he watches that play unfold is so much fun to watch. Nicely done, LSU.

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