this is how my good times rolled

Let's start by mentioning that this year's national convention was my first national event in three years as a non-staff person. And the lack of responsibility? Was fabulous. It meant that the weekend could be more about people, and less about the to-do list. Because really, this weekend wouldn't have been such a grand weekend were it not for the brothers I spent it with. From the moment I arrived at the hotel Friday night, I was surrounded by friends - some I see often, others I see rarely - and it was wonderful to see every single one of them. The laughter, the conversations, the celebrating, the going out - all of that was memorable because of the people I shared them with... Becky. She and I have known each other for ages, but I hadn't seen her in, gosh...six years? So I loved sharing a room with her for the weekend, catching up on the latest in our lives (including some totally fun Harry Potter conversation) and having her as a partner in crime for our nights out. Josh. There is no such thing as a boring night with Josh, and I can honestly say he's one of my favorite guy friends to hang out with. (He also gets bonus points for holding my purse while I danced on the bar stage!) Seeing Josh is always a good thing...although seeing him pole-dance on Bourbon Street made this weekend particularly...special.

Oh sorry, I got sidetracked...we were talking about who made my trip to New Orleans wonderful. People... Meg. Whom I miss horribly. I was thrilled when Meg asked me (at three in the morning, no less) if I wanted to go dancing, and truly ecstatic when she came with me onto the bar stage. Most of all, though, I was happiest to spend time talking with her Sunday morning...a great conversation of mutual support, encouragement, venting, and gossip. Natalie. Who made me feel like the coolest person in New Orleans when she greeted me Friday night with many, many hugs and exclamations. Nat has such a contagious joy for life, and makes any group a little more fun to be in. Adrienne and Matt (that's Adrienne on the right...Matt's the other guy dancing on the lamp post). These are brothers I know and see around and exchange online chatter with, and yet had never really spent time with in a "chilling out, having a real conversation" kind of way. Which I totally regret, because I enjoyed being around them this weekend. Similar sentiments for some of the undergraduates I'd met in the past few years, but not been able to hang out with socially. It was fun - and a bit amusing - to be with them outside of a meeting environment (and on Bourbon Street, of all places).

So while there were lots of amazing sights to see in the French Quarter (including the really nice Audubon Aquarium) -

- what absolutely made my weekend was being with my brothers from across the country. Because really? That's what being a member of a national fraternity is all about.

Where I am: Lebanon, Kentucky
What I'm reading: Second Glances by Jodi Picoult


Adri said…
so good to see you and finally hang out with you too!

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