a little coaching for my creativity

I spent a fair share of my time this weekend working on scrapbook pages. I couldn't help myself - after spending last weekend scrapbooking with my friend Tabitha, the creativity had been churning all week long. So it was either put it to good use, or have my brain overflow from ideas and concepts. And I have to admit - not only did I enjoy my scrapbooking time this weekend, I got some great work done.

Now in most cases, I'm able to create page designs on my own. Not that my designs are ever extravagant in any way, but they're ones I draw up based on the pictures I'm using and the stories I want to tell. Sometimes, though, I need a little help with my page designs...especially for the pages that just have one or two pictures. We'll call it scrapper's block. It happens every so often, and when it does, my favorite source of inspiration is one of two scrapbooking magazines: Creating Keepsakes, and Simple Scrapbook. All it takes is some flipping through the pages to find a design or sketch that I can borrow. Then, once I have my example to follow, my thought process can get back on track and the page gets finished.

Case in point: On the left is a page by Tina Cockburn that was published in the July/August edition of Simple Scrapbook. On the right is the page I created today using it as a template. Perfect copy? No. But once I saw the original page, I knew just how to adapt it for my own.

It's that easy. Too many friends have told me that they'd love to scrapbook, but don't feel creative or artistic enough. But truthfully? All it takes is a little research...a little indirect coaching from those who are fortunate enough to have their work published. Seriously. It works for me more times than it fails. And besides...good ideas were meant to borrowed, were they not?

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