a couple of bits i've noticed in the news

The subtitle of an 10 August article in the Lexington Herald-Leader stated, "Browns rookie can't sing, but he handles hazing, boos, practice". Why is it amusing when an NFL team makes their rookie quarterback stand in the cafeteria and sing, but upsetting or shocking when a college sports team does something similar? I was disappointed to see the reporter label it "good-natured hazing", as if to imply there's anything acceptable or congenial about the idea of hazing.

Time reports in the Numbers section of their 3 September edition that 181 coal miners have been trapped underground since 17 August. In Shandong, China. Did anyone else hear about this? Or was it completely drowned out by the American media coverage of the politics and drama surrounding the coal mine rescue efforts in Utah?

(The bold emphasis in both of the above is mine.)

Since being at home, I've found myself following the news (especially in print) more closely, mostly because Dad has newspapers and news magazine lying around every day. These two pieces caught my eye and gave me pause for thought...reminded me how easily the media can create a perspective while sharing (or not sharing) the facts.

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