"good times, sunshine and summertime"

Hot and humid days...the cooling rush of air as the fan blows across my face...the taste of sweet tea in the afternoon...the slower pace of moving. The past couple of days, it's finally felt like summer here.

And tonight? Tonight I saw fireflies. Don't know why, but seeing them always makes me feel like a kid again - transfixed by them for the longest time, and delighting in their sparkling bounces through the field and into the sky.

So of course, I tried to capture the moment on film (er, memory card). The most obvious one is the green streak in the foreground...but if you look closely enough, you can see three or four others faintly glowing in the background. Loved standing on my back porch and watching their glowing dance as the sun set behind the trees.

Where I am: Pennsylvania
What I'm reading: A Trip to the Beach by Melinda & Robert Blanchard


Miss B said…
Could I borrow that book when you're finished? I read the synopsis on B&N and it sounds really good.

Plus, they get to spend every waking moment nanoseconds from the beach - I'm already jealous ;)

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