top 7 reasons my trip to florida was amazing

Now that I have copies of Shannon and Kristy's pictures, it's time to share a little bit of the fun that was had during the Alumni Convention - Consultant Weekend trip a couple of weeks back. For your reading entertainment, here are the top seven reasons that I had such a wonderful time in Orlando and Gainesville.

7. Because some food you can only get in ice cream at Ghirardelli, and barbeque at David's...yum!

6. Gathering further proof that every girl needs good guy friends.

5. Seeing alligators...up the wild. (And wondering how in the world the Gainesville police manage to keep the drunks and idiots out of the swamps and away from the gators.)

4. Hanging out with Josh and his movie expertise. Only he would respond to my comment that it was cool we had the whole beach to ourselves with this gem: "You know, that's how a lot of horror movies start."

3. Spending an afternoon by the pool (and at times, in the pool)...talking, snoozing, drinking and laughing....perfection.

2. Two words - Pleasure Island. Three more words - revolving dance floor. Had such a fabulous time at one of my all-time favorite clubs.

1. Spending time with fellow region consultant alumni, and loving every minute...these are friends I don't get to spend nearly enough time with...that I always enjoy traveling and hanging out and laughing and enjoying life with.

Such a wonderful weekend. So glad I went, and definitely looking forward to the next time all of us get to be together.


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