this and that on the ides of june

Thought I'd share random tidbits from this week while I'm waiting for Kristy's photos (a few of which are integral to any stories I might share from my trip to Florida).

~ A big warm thank-you hug to Karen's mom, who sent me a box of delicious homemade cookies and a kind note wishing me well in the job search...that combined with Karen sending me higher ed classifieds are but two examples of why Karen and her family are quite simply wonderful people.

~ So cool - this morning I ended up taking a private yoga class! Not sure if it was because of the class' time change or what, but I was the only one (beside the instructor) who showed up. We didn't do anything differently, really...just was neat to have the room to ourselves.

~ Speaking of yoga...I'm loving the irony that losing my job has created. One of the frustrations I'd had in recent months was that the evening yoga classes at my gym just weren't all that great...they weren't challenging, they weren't cohesive, and they definitely weren't enjoyable. It was one more thing on the list of what I was struggling with in living here. Now that I have my days open, I've been able to attend the mid-morning yoga classes...and they're wonderful. The instructors are so knowledgeable, the poses are arranged in a flow that makes sense, and every class is a welcome workout. Gotta laugh at how the universe works sometimes.

~ I get to see a sneak peek of "Ratatouille"! I've liked the previews for this movie all along, but it's only been in the past couple of weeks that I've thought about seeing it in the theater. Then I got an email from the local cinema about a special sneak peek playing tomorrow night...and decided I couldn't pass that up. And yes...I'll be sure to share my thoughts after I've seen it.

~ For those who are interested, I have new pictures up in Flickr! After taking about 150 pictures of my day at Walt Disney World back in April, I decided to print just a small handful - the ones I liked best - and make a mini-album out of them. It was the only way I knew to make any sense or order out of all those photos, and I'm excited about how the album turned out. It highlights the fun of that day, but in a simple way that was easy to put together...and fast, too! (Took me just a couple of afternoons to make the album, using mostly the little package of pieces that came with the book - which I bought at Disney, of course!)

~ And oh, okay...just for fun, here's one snapshot from last weekend.

Yes, he's real. And no, this wasn't a telephoto-lens type of shot. Mr. Gator was about five feet away...which would have been too close if I hadn't been on a ledge above his (unfenced) swamp. It was totally cool and possibly a little creepy.

More pictures and stories to come soon...promise. In the meantime, happy weekend!

Where I am: Pennsylvania
What I'm reading: Always the Bridesmaid by Whitney Lyles


Kyle said…
Hey...i look familiar...idk i thought i met u at the Cozey Corner at Big Jims??? Dont see many people on here from around central KY. Oh yeah i was going to ask u...where do u go to yoga class at??? i was thinking about stalking u, lol....Really i was thinking about giving it a try, im not over weight but idk if im flexible enough. Actually, last doc visit i had, Sabrina the nurse said she tried it and loves it, mite help w/ any workout. Maybe ill run into u again...still like to know if that was u...peace out SlEePYbeaR;)

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