the theme of the day: just be

In my yoga class this morning, as we were lying in Savasana (the final relaxation pose), the instructor encouraged us to let go of any stress as we prepared to enter our just be. It's a common enough reflection during any Savasana, yet it resonated with me today...the idea of living life fully - living life without worry, without fear of the what-if's.

Then, this evening, I found this passage in the book I was reading during dinner:

"Great Spirit, we humbly call upon you for guidance today,
to shower us with your light and your love.
We surrender ourselves to you this morning
to do with us whatever you will."

Again, that idea of letting go...of trusting that a greater plan - a clearer logic - is at work than may seem possible or evident.


Where I am: Pennsylvania
What I'm reading: You Made Me Love You by Joanna Goodman (the book mentioned above)


Baxter said…
Have I mentioned lately that you're an amazing, wonderful person? Because you are! I find myself having to go through the process of "letting go" sometimes multiple times a day :-)

And Savasana is one of my favorite parts of yoga class :-)

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