birds of a feather sticking together

Sometimes it's nice to spend time with someone who totally relates to where you are in life, because they're there, too. Such was the case Wednesday evening, when I got to have dinner with a friend from college. She and I usually only see each other at an annual student affairs conference we both attend, but after realizing that we only live about ninety minutes from each other, we had decided in April that we should try to get together to hang out.

Because truly, we both feel like we're on the same page in life right now. We both love and miss North Carolina and would like to move back as soon as possible...are living in semi-rural areas of Pennsylvania where we've had difficulty making friends...and to top it off, have not had much success on the dating scene. In a way, it's a little bizarre. Because she'll say something about what it's been like for her to live in Pennsylvania and I feel like she took the words out of my mouth...or she'll laugh at the challenges of meeting great guys and I swear she's been reading my journal.

Plus, she's just a fun person to hang out of those people with such a good spirit. I always enjoy being in her company, and it was great to catch up, commiserate and laugh together. So glad we got to meet up for dinner, and crossing my fingers that we'll get to see each other again before I move away.

Where I am: Pennsylvania
What I'm reading: Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult


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