too much of a good thing

Honestly? I absolutely love my job...working with college students and seeing them develop into strong brothers...contributing to the growth and stability of my fraternity...and yes, I love the travel involved. It's so much fun to meet so many students, to visit different college campuses and to explore areas of the country I might not visit otherwise.

It takes a lot of energy to do this, embark on a series of trips in rapid succession for a month or two at a maintain the positive and supportive energy the students need and stay focused and be coherent and functional regardless of sleep deficits and time changes. And in the midst of the meetings and the training and the travel, it's easy to stay motivated and charged thrive on the adrenaline and excitement. But now that my trips are winding down, now that I'm a day away from being finished with business travel for a few months, I have to acknowledge that my tank might be approaching empty.

Then today, I read this wonderful piece and realized why...staying so focused on work and travel and the "have to do" part of life recently has meant less time for the "want to do"...less time for creativity and for books and for breathing. And that's what I'm looking forward to over the summer - a few months for balance, and a slower pace to recharge my batteries. To focus on the "want to do"...and enjoy every minute of it.

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