looking for a GR8 PL8

For the past few years, I've thought it would be really fun to order a personalized license plate. Not for any specific reason...just because. But I figure if I'm going to pay the extra fee for it, I want it to be something really good...something that I love.

Well, in the next couple of weeks, I'll (finally) be registering for my Pennsylvania license plates...which presents a prime opportunity to order something personalized. Since my creativeness hasn't yielded anything fantastic, I thought I'd see what other people might come up with.

So consider the suggestion box open. Creative, witty or cute suggestions are all welcome...it just has to fit in seven spaces or less. Ready? Go!

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Dan said…

Anything else I've come up with so far hasn't been appropriate. Go figure.
Baxter said…
I like Dan's suggestion, although I think I'd like to see some of his inappropriate ones.

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