a meeting of the minds...the blogger minds, that is

Most of the people who read my blog are people I also know in "real life"; but there are a few readers whom I only know through the conversations we have via blog comments and emails. One of those is Brown-eyed Girlie, whose blog I discovered some time last year and have enjoyed reading since.

Well, she saw that I was going to be in Boston and asked if I'd like to have brunch. I said, "of course", and the rest is history. Saturday morning, we met at my hotel...had a yummy brunch at The Pour House that was made all the better by good conversation...and then decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting in the park at Copley Square for a while and continuing to chat and laugh...so much fun! It reminded me how nice it is to make new friends, and even nicer to indulge in a few hours of girl-talk.

So much thanks to Miss Brown-eyed Girlie for the invite...it was wonderful to meet you, and hopefully we'll get to hang out and play tourist again sometime soon.

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