first date #2: fun and laidback double date

So that first date that was arranged back in March happened last night...and while the circumstances of the whole thing were kind of amusing (because how often do you plan a first date a month out with someone who has to make a special trip into town?), the date itself was pretty enjoyable. And yes, I'm going to share details...

First, the guy: smart, successful, good-looking (although not the look I traditionally go for), well-rounded, a bit older, and an all-around good guy. I originally met him back in August, at the birthday party for our mutual friends' son, and then saw him again Labor Day weekend at a cookout. He's definitely cool...even then, he was easy to talk to (in the brief conversations we had) and it certainly helped that he seemed to be as much of a smart aleck as I am. So when our mutual friends suggested this double date, I said yes knowing that, even if there wasn't a romantic connection, it would be a fun night. Having met him before also seemed to help with the nerves. Whereas the last time I went on a first date, I was a total mess of nerves, this time I was pretty calm.

The setting: our mutual friends had made reservations at a local Italian restaurant, so we girls drove to the restaurant while the husband waited for my date, who'd apparently run into some heavy traffic coming in. Odd start, but hey...that's a risk you take when you're importing your dates. Once the two guys arrived, we had a delicious dinner, with good conversation all-around (although there was the awkward moment of silence when he mentioned some event he'd gone to the previous weekend with another date). As expected, he was very easy to be around...great personality and fabulous sense of humor. Even when the talk turned to politics, we were laughing and joking. After dinner, we stopped for ice cream before dropping off our mutual friends' car at their house and heading off to part 2 of the evening...bowling.

Now I know that, for some people, bowling would not be a choice for a first date...or any date, for that matter. But when the mutual friends mentioned that as an option, I was all for it! Granted, I'm horrible at bowling (as my very low scores last night proved), but it's such a good conversation piece, and it's nearly impossible to be too serious when you're bowling. After losing terribly to the mutual friends who'd claimed before that "they weren't very good bowlers either", the four of us ended up back at their house for a couple of very competitive rounds of Scene-It. My date is very into movies - another plus! - so he and I were determined to win...and we did. Twice. Ha! So where bowling was a good time for small talk, playing Scene-It was a good opportunity for collaborative effort and one-on-one conversation as we discussed possible answers.

The end result: after a very full evening, it was time to go. In keeping with the casual nature of the double date, I had driven to our friends' house earlier that evening, so there was no ride home. Which was a little disappointing, even if I did avoid the "being driven home" awkwardness. Instead, we walked outside, chit-chatted about the threat of severe rain that was coming, and hugged goodbye before getting into our cars and driving away. But here's the thing...he didn't ask for my number. Which I'm guessing means he's not all that interested in a second date. Again, a little disappointing. I would have enjoyed getting to know him better, having some good one-on-one conversation and finding out if he's someone I could spend some quality time with. Then again, maybe it's just not meant to be...maybe he's just not the right guy. And interestingly enough, I'm okay with that. I had a fabulous time hanging out with him, and enjoyed the evening even more than I thought I would.

So this first date? Was definitely a good one.

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