wisdom from the road: things i learned while traveling

~ A foot of snow isn't always a bad thing. You just have to be somewhere like Mankato, MN where they know how to deal with it. (Seriously...the university had classes on Monday morning after it snowed literally all weekend. In fact, it was still snowing Monday. That's called well-prepared.)

~ Driving in Arizona is the absolute best...what could be more fun than a 75 mph speed limit?!

~ "Cold" is entirely subjective. That's the only way to explain the girls in Arizona wearing winter coats in 50-degree weather.

~ Sometimes, you'll find a more entertaining movie on HBO than in the theater. For anyone thinking about seeing "Because I Said So", don't bother. The sole saving grace of this movie is the absolutely adorable boyfriend played by the very handsome Gabriel Macht. I had a much better time watching "Something New" on HBO, in the comfort of my own hotel room.

~ The only thing more difficult than remembering what time zone you're in is keeping track of what time zones everyone else is in.

~ Looking for something specific in a used CD store (i.e. a replacement Kelly Clarkson CD) will lead to disappointment. Instead, go in to browse. You'll be amazed at what you find.

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Miss B said…
Ah yes, Midwest winters...how I don't miss thee!

I always had class when I was in WI - and forget about cancelling anything when I was in MN. I once drove home from a school board meeting after 10 p.m. on a highway covered in snow drifts.

Good times....

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