the kindness of strangers, high-speed flirting and other tales from my weekend in nc (part two)

Thankfully, the black cloud did go away, and the weekend ended up being exactly what I'd hoped: good times with good friends, and a chance to unwind a little bit.

Saturday, I attended a baby shower for my big brother, and it was lovely. I am so excited for her and her husband, and was so happy to see them both one more time before the baby arrives in a few weeks. I got to see the nursery, too, which is just adorable. Her mom and his parents were also there, and it was fun to catch up with them over lunch after the shower. Nothing like laughing together while eating yummy food (the chicken caesar salad was so tasty!).

Saturday evening - after making the easy drive from Charlotte down to Wilmington, dealing with the hotel blunder, and stopping at Barnes & Noble for some beverage-and-book therapy - I spent a few hours at the Creek with another friend, and felt so much better. "The Creek" is where my friend's fiance's grandparents live, and their door is always open...for my friend and her fiance, for their friends, for whomever. They're warm, inviting people like know, the type of people whose feelings get hurt when you stay at a hotel instead of with them. Ooops. Won't be making that mistake again. But what I (and my friend) love about going there is the lack of expectations. If you want time to yourself, they don't mind; and that lack of tension - that lack of "don't you want to talk to us" - is so soothing. So my friend and I sat around for a few hours talking weddings, showers, gossip and whatever else sounded good...and I loved every minute of it.

Sunday morning, I woke up early, but for a very good reason! Now that I live in Pennsylvania, the beach isn't quite as close as I'm used to, so I wanted to hang out at the beach for a little while before I left NC. So glad I did! I got to spend a couple of hours walking and sitting at one of my favorite beaches...found some pretty shells...took some fun pictures...and breathed deeply. If only every day could start like that!

That afternoon, it was time for another shower...this time, a bridal shower. The great thing about this shower was that it didn't feel like a shower. Because it was a Pampered Chef shower, the guests order the gifts there instead of bringing them. So it felt more like a social than a shower...just a bunch of girlfriends having margaritas and cake (I had to pass on the margaritas, but the cake was delicious), hanging out for a few hours, laughing our asses off and enjoying ourselves fully.

Then it was time for me to head home. Which is where the high-speed flirting comes in. (You were wondering, weren't you?) And maybe flirting is the wrong name for it...maybe it's better described as interstate tag. But since it's guys doing it, it seems like flirting to me. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's when the cute guy you see at the rest stop or pass on the road does 90+ mph to catch up to you, then pulls in front of you and slows down so you have to pass him...then, while looking over to you and smiling, he passes you again...and again...and again...going on and on until you either tire of the game and speed off yourself, or one of you exits the highway. Well, I got to play twice on Sunday. Now I've never seen anyone but North Carolina guys do this...but it's amusing, and makes long drives on the interstate a little more entertaining.

All in all, once I got out from under the black cloud, it was a good weekend. My mom thought I was a little crazy to drive down and back for such a short trip, but seeing my friends and being able to share in their celebrations was so worth it! These are the people who get me...the people who make my life amazing. I can't imagine not having been there this weekend, and I can't wait to see them again soon.

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