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So “300” was apparently the #1 movie at the box office this weekend, and with its $70 million-plus, it ended up in like the top three of all-time March openings. Wow. I knew a lot of people wanted to see it…but didn’t realize it was that big! Maybe because, while it was apparently sold out in a lot of towns, it wasn’t here…even on Saturday night. Then again, it’s not like the theater I go to is in a major metropolis…unless you count the cows. Then it might be considered big.

Anyways, the movie…highly recommend it! It’s not a fabulous movie, but it has a nice combination of factors: decent story, interesting quirks, good-looking men, plenty of action scenes and some absolutely fabulous visual creations! The visuals – more than anything else – were what sold me on this movie. So, so amazing. Gruesome and grotesque, yes…but the attention to detail is so well done, even though the inspirational “victory will be ours” comments scattered throughout could have been less forced, that I was intrigued throughout. Trust me, this is really a movie to see on the big screen. So if I were you, I’d go see it now…watching it on DVD just won’t be as good.

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Dan said…
Any good-looking women? I'm all for decent story and action scenes, but I only need to see so many good-looking men.

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