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When it comes to exercising while traveling, I admit - I don't. I let myself keep odd hours when I travel, so figuring out when to exercise is something I just don't bother with. So after traveling for a couple of weeks, it was definitely time to get back to the gym! This time, I had a nice little incentive. About three weeks ago, shortly before my trip, I'd had this inexplicable urge to make another mix of those things I just had to do, so I could stop thinking about it. Since I was having a difficult time finding a good CD to listen to while I walk on the treadmill, a gym mix seemed like a good match. Then we had a snowstorm, and then I left on my trip, which meant I never made it to the gym to try out my new mix.

Today I finally got to take the CD for a test drive...errr, test walk. And I was rather pleased with it. The tempos were good, the flow was nice...just an all-around good CD. And the fun part was that I just let it play, without trying to remember what songs were on every few songs, I'd hear the first few notes of a song that I'd forgotten I included...which made me smile. And honestly? Anything that can make me smile while I'm exercising? Is a fabulous thing.

So if anyone else is looking for some fun tunes to walk to, here's what I'd recommend (in this order):

~ Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
~ How Deep is Your Love (Dru Hill)
~ God Help Me (Rebecca St James)
~ (You Drive Me) Crazy – the Stop remix (Britney Spears)
~ I Drove All Night (Celine Dion)
~ Let Me Clear My Throat (DJ Kool)
~ Hey Mama (Black-eyed Peas)
~ Smooth (Santana feat. Rob Thomas)
~ Cuz I Can (Pink)
~ Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
~ Waiting for Tonight (Jennifer Lopez)
~ Lose My Breath (Destiny's Child)
~ Up Against the Wall (*NSYNC)
~ Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Big and Rich)
~ Naughty Girls (Samantha Fox)
~ Don't Run (Jordan Knight)

Yes, I know...some horribly corny pop choices on there. But all together, they work...which makes me work...and that's all that matters.

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Dan said…
I'm not here to judge, but Celine Dion? Really?
Michael Young said…
I am curious about your Van Gogh quote. I saw one that read this way:

"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done."

Do you think one is an adaptation of the other, or did they come from different writings? Either way, they certainly speak a solid truth.
Joshua said…
Man, I can't say anything about your walking mix, considering my workout playlists make me seem like a fifteen year old boy with anger managemenet issues. I swore I'd never get an ipod, and now I'm addicted. It makes it way too easy to mix up your running music. Last night's mix: Bad Religion, Everclear, Green Day, Less Than Jake, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Screaming Trees,The Used, and waaaaay too much Third Eye Blind. (Hey, the first album was awesome...) So, yeah, I can't say anything.

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