are girls (especially this girl) really that unapproachable?

So here's a story for you.

A relatively good-looking guy goes to the movies…and for whatever reason, he's by himself. We'll call him Leonidas, or Leo for short. It just so happens that Leo is sitting in the middle of about seven empty seats…so a little bit before the movie starts, a somewhat cute girl approaches him, and asks if any of the empty seats are taken. He says no, so she slips by him to take one of those empty, unreserved seats between Leo and the family sitting a few seats down. Just a few minutes later, when he sees two couples looking for a group of seats, Leo leans over and asks the girl if she's saving the empty seat next to her for anyone. She says no, so he says to the couples that he'll be happy to scoot down one seat (i.e. to the seat next to the girl) so the four of them can sit together. Right there, in one move, he's done two things: demonstrated a certain level of thoughtfulness in trying to help some strangers out, and discovered that the girl is also at the movies by herself. Considering that the movie ("300") is more of a male-oriented flick (what with all the violence and gore), the fact that she's there alone could be a pretty good indicator that she's single.

The movie starts and it's entertaining enough…but Leo can't help looking over at the girl sitting next to him a time or two. And the girl knows this because she just might be sneaking a peek at him, too. Just maybe. Then the movie ends, and everyone gets up to leave. As he's stepping out into the stairs, he looks back a couple of times, as if to make sure the girl is still there. Again, she knows this because she just might be watching him as he's leaving.

As everyone exits the theater into the lobby, Leo ends up a bit ahead of the girl, but this time she knows he's looking back at her (for her?) because, as sometimes happens when two people are looking at each other, Leo and the girl are now making eye contact. The girl stops to put on her coat, since it's raining…but when she walks outside, toward the side parking lot, she notices that Leo is walking in the same direction, maybe ten feet away…and he's still glancing over at her.

Now maybe it was the fact that it was raining. Maybe Leo has a girlfriend at home and was just enjoying some window-shopping, so to speak. Maybe he had to rush home and set his clocks forward. For whatever reason, Leo decides not to say anything to the somewhat cute girl he just sat next to and kept an eye on for two hours. No "hi", no nothing. Nothing. Seriously…how is a girl supposed to meet guys like Leo if they won't ball up, walk over and say "hi"?! And don't give me any of that, "Well, the girl could take the initiative and introduce herself to him." Because maybe (just maybe) this girl is somewhat of a traditionalist…maybe she's looking for a guy who can and will actually wear the pants in a relationship, and who needs a small demonstration of that by having him make the first move.

It doesn't seem like that much to ask, does it? I mean, c'mon…Leo had a built-in conversation opener! What better way to start a conversation with the girl than, "How did you like the movie?" That requires zero creativity! But that was apparently too much for cute Leo…which is too bad. Because if he'd asked, he probably would have gotten a phone number.

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Miss B said…
Men can be really dumb sometimes.

It wasn't you - it was him.

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