"a swing of maybe 40 degrees represents a packing challenge"

Tomorrow I head out on another business trip - time to start colonies at two more schools! Now normally, when more than one school is on the itinerary, they're usually relatively close...if not in the same state, than in neighboring states. New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for example, or Kentucky and Ohio. But not this time.

This time, I am going to Minnesota and to Arizona. For those who may be geography-challenged, I'll save you the trouble of looking at a map. Those two states? Are nowhere near each other. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate just how far they are from one another would be their weather forecasts.

Sunday in Mankato, MN: high of 24, low of 18 (with snow next weekend)
Tuesday in Tucson, AZ: high of 63, low of 34 (with 70's for the rest of the week)

And yet, in a display of packing genius, I'm still only taking one suitcase of clothing and shoes. Yes, I'm taking two different coats - one for Minnesota, one for Arizona (or at least, the Arizona evenings) - but all in all, only one suitcase. I'm apparently that good.

So off I go, but stay tuned...I've had lots of tidbits floating in my brain this week, and will be doing my best to share them and others while I travel.

Where I am: Home (for a little bit longer)
What I'm reading: Zodiac

(Anyone recognize the movie quote in the title? Anyone? I'd had it stuck in my head for a couple of weeks, and only just figured it out last weekend when I ended up watching the movie.)


Have a blast in MN! Eat some cheese curds for me - or a bratwurst!

Mmmmmm...I miss Midwest food.

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