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For the past two Mondays nights, I have slept about three and a half hours each night* in order to make sure I've gotten from Mankato to the Minneapolis airport in time for my 6:30 a.m. flight. Which made me curious...

Faced with the choice of staying up all night or getting just three and a half hours of sleep, which would you pick?

Well...which would you pick as the best choice? Really...I'd like to know.

(What, you were expecting some grand question? Not on three and a half hours of sleep.)

(And yes, it did feel extremely odd to wake up at 2:45, which I used to consider "going to bed" time.)

Where I am: Tucson, AZ
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Dan said…
I've always been of the opinion that it's better to stay up, rather than let your body just start getting used to being asleep before getting dragged out of bed again. I think you drag more during the day then, because your brain still wants to continue the sleep patterns.
Anonymous said…
Definitely stay up instead of going to sleep and waking up tired.

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