a newfound guilty pleasure

Occasionally, I've been asked whether I've thought about trying the online dating thing. And honestly, I have no interest in it. Which isn't an insult to the concept...it just doesn't feel like the right thing for me. But that doesn't mean I haven't looked at the sites.

Because I have to admit...reading online profiles can be fun. It's like the toy catalogs from JCPenney's that I used to love reading through when I was a kid. I'd read through each page, seeing things I liked and didn't like, and using the many choices in the catalog to decide what I wanted to include in my Christmas letter to Santa. That's what these online dating services are for me...a way to browse the market, see what's out there and ultimately getting a better idea of what I want (and don't want) in a date, a boyfriend and eventually, a partner. Because there's quite a variety out there...and yet it amuses me how similar so many of the profiles are. The way that people describe themselves...the way they describe what they're looking for...all so alike.

A little silly, I know...but very entertaining.

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That they are. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

Amusing way to pass a few hours...

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