looking forward to sweet dreams

Today would have been my fifth wedding anniversary. Odd how a year and a half after it ended, I can still get sentimental about something that’s no longer a part of my life. Perhaps these thoughts explain it best.

I almost made it through the day without remembering, too. I had thought about him earlier this week, but was so focused on our staff retreat today that I didn’t make the mental connection until I was driving home from the gym. Thankfully, that was late enough in the day that I don’t have much longer to dwell on it before I go to sleep and can dream about finding someone else…someone who will understand me, who will accept me with all my quirks, and who will want nothing more complicated than to live a full and happy life together…a life where it’s not a matter of choosing between his dreams or my dreams, but of making our own dreams. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Where I am: Home
What I’m reading: The Secret Life of Bees, and Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix


Amen to that.

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