bison - mmm, mmm, good!

When it comes to food, it takes a lot for me to try new things. Part of it is that I'm a picky eater...but I also just like the idea of sitting down for a meal and knowing that it's going to be good, rather than enjoying the novelty of something new.

Tonight, I decided to try something new...and yum! So glad I did. I went to dinner with a couple of alumni who are helping with my work at Georgia Tech, to this fabulous place - Ted's Montana Grill. Such a fun environment...with a great staff...and absolutely delicious food. The one thing Ted's is apparently known for are their bison dishes, particularly their burgers. Yes, bison. Buffalo. Now I'd actually tried buffalo jerky before...when my high school history teacher brought some in for us. It tasted like regular beef jerky though, so it didn't seem like such a big deal. However, my dinner companions were raving so highly about the bison burgers tonight that I just couldn't resist. And it was so, so good - juicy and tasty and quite possibly the best burger I've ever had. Somehow, I also ended up with a small bowl of the bison pot roast...which has to be the perfect definition of melt-in-your-mouth good.

And did you know that bison is a comparatively healthy meat? Or that bison are supposedly the only mammal besides humans that will stop eating when they've had their fill? (at least, according to my dinner companions) Love it when healthy food is also delicious!

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Dan said…
Many a diner nowadays serve bison burgers, which I LOVE! Hands down agree with you!
Baxter said…
We used to eat them at the picnics for one of the organizations my dad is in when I was little. They held them up at Woolaroc, which is a ranch that, among other attractions, has bison and consequently serves bison burgers (wave at 'em on the way in, taste 'em on the way out!). Although I don't really remember what they tasted like anymore, I'd love to give it a try again :-)

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