the word of the day is "clueless"

Any time you move to a new place, there's a period of transition and learning...learning your way around town...learning the good places to shop and eat and get involved...learning the culture of the area...and over time, learning the history of the area - what's relevant and significant and noteworthy. This last one takes probably the most time, of course, first because it's not an immediate need, but also because people in your new town don't think to ask you "would you like to know the relevant historical places in the area?". They're more interested in helping you learn where the best grocery store is, and what the best shortcut is from here to there.

But there are usually things that could be considered automatic knowledge, that the general public probably knows about an area. For example, when I moved to Houston, I knew that NASA and the Astrodome were there. When I visited Memphis a couple of years ago, I knew about Beale Street. When I visited Oklahoma City last month, I knew that the one place I had to visit was the Oklahoma City Memorial. So I was a little surprised this morning when the DJ's were talking about Three Mile Island (yes, THAT Three Mile Island) to realize that it's pretty close to where I live now. Then, when I looked online to see just where, the surprise turned to a feeling of dumbness. Because every time I drive to the Harrisburg airport, one of the landmarks that tells me I'm almost there are these two enormously huge smoke stack structures. Smoke stacks that it turns out are part of the nuclear plant at Three Mile Island.

Good to know.

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