pearl harbor remembrance day

Today is the 65th anniversary of the attacks at Pearl Harbor, and in honor of the occasion, I wanted to share a couple of photos that I took during my trip to Arizona last month.

These are shots from the Student Union Memorial Center at the University of Arizona, and what I love about these pictures is what they represent. I'm a big fan of what I'll call meaningful architecture...when certain design elements of a building or space have a certain significance. (If there's an actual technical term for this, I'm sure Adrianne can fill us in!) What makes this Union so neat and what I've tried to capture in the photos is that the entire building was designed to commemorate the USS Arizona, perhaps the most famous of the ships involved in the Pearl Harbor attacks. (You can read all about the design here, by selecting the "SUMC Key Features" link.) It's an amazing tribute, and there's even a small museum in one of the Union's student lounges with mementos and photos from the USS Arizona.

It was just so neat to see the building and see the unbelievable care and attention the designers gave to creating both the structure itself and the details scattered throughout.

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Baxter said…
I love symbolic architecture too and would love to know the word for it--hint hint Adri! And see, now you have to come back and tour my museum and see our Pearl Harbor artifacts from the USS Oklahoma.

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