november - the month that flew by a little too quickly!

Is it really December? Is the entire month of November really gone? Wow. That seemed to go by just a little too quickly. I realize that time truly does fly when you're having fun; but I didn't expect to blink and miss it. This is why I take all the pictures** that I do...because then I have evidence of the things I've done, even if life's been moving so quickly it may seem like a dream.

So to catch up and feel like I've not completely skipped an entire month, I thought I'd take a look back at the whirlwind that was November...

1-3 November: Arizona. Lovely state. Especially in November, when your new home state of Pennsylvania has slowly been cooling off. Warm weather and flip-flops were wonderful, as was my hotel room view of the mountains that form an interesting little wall around the city of Tucson.

3-5 November: Oklahoma. No pretty mountains to speak of. But the wonderful company of Karen and Baxter was ten times better than any mountains. They introduced me to the wonders of Hideaway pizza, were amazing tour guides at the Oklahoma City Memorial, and reminded me why I should hang out with them more often - because they don't stop. Ever.

6-11 November: Downtime. First in Texas, then in Pennsylvania. A chance to regroup, refocus and rejuvenate. Doing some laundry was also nice.

12-13 November: Philadelphia. Regional professional development conference, and the opportunity to meet some really cool people. Way too much rain during the drives back and forth...totally unexpected conversation about the virtues of Ale 8...and getting totally revved up for the national conference in April.

14-15 November: More downtime. Sort of. These were busy days in the office finishing preparations for National Convention. For me, this involves lots of time with markers and poster board and spray adhesive, and requires multiple trips to Michael's. Ah, the advantages of being considered the "creative person" in the office!!

16-19 November: For three and a half days, the DC area became the city of brotherly love. Totally amazed and pleased at how smoothly everything went! A truly wonderful time, getting to spend time with my brothers (some of whom I only see on this occasion) and watch as "my" new chapters experienced the fun of convention for the first time. Even better - seeing "my" new chapters receiving their charters. So proud of them!!

20-25 November: Home for Thanksgiving. Peaceful days, relaxing evenings, and Mom's cooking = the bliss that only home can offer. Also saw "Happy Feet" while I was home, and couldn't stop giggling like a little kid the whole way through.

26-30 November: Pennsylvania. At home, but with guests. Two of the consultants were in town for the week, and I was so happy to have them here. Very little got done around the house, but I truly enjoyed having their company! Late night conversations, guests at the dinner table, and lots of laughter...loved it.

And now, with December here, I head into the home stretch before the Christmas break: three weeks of intense preparation, of putting all our ducks in a row to ensure a successful Spring semester at work. A busy time, a high-pressure time...but a time I'll enjoy. Because when the Christmas break arrives, I'll head home to Kentucky knowing that when I come back in the new year, all that effort will turn into something fantastic, and it will be go time once again.

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

** I promise, I'm not being stingy and withholding pictures. My browser at home apparently doesn't like the blogger webpage, so any type of publishing (text, pictures, etc.) is an obstacle. Pictures are forthcoming, just as soon as I either a) figure out how to fix the problem or b) remember to bring my CD of photos into work to upload them there.


Baxter said…
Didn't Karen point out the pretty Oklahoma mountains as you passed them in the rain on the way to Oklahoma City? They're the Arbuckles. They're some of the oldest mountains in North America, meaning they're now pretty much just glorified hills ;-) Anyway, I'm so glad you had a good time in Oklahoma and I hope you get to come again and see more of the wonders the state has to offer! No really, I promise, there's more, hehe. And with Karen and I, you know you'll see it all.

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