why i love coming home for thanksgiving

Some of you have already heard the story of the conversation my mom and I had about this year's Thanksgiving. The one where she asked me about a month ago if I was coming home for Thanksgiving, and I asked her in return why she thought I wouldn't be. (Imagine a lot of incredulity and utter bewilderment in my voice as I ask this, and you get the picture.) Because the question made absolutely no sense. It's not like I have a significant other to coordinate family holidays with or anything.

And even if I did, there's something about Thanksgiving at my parents' house that I enjoy immensely and would hate to miss - the simplicity of the whole day...the laziness...the deliciousness of it. Because there's certainly no extravagance to it. There's watching the Macy's parade and the National Dog Show on TV, helping Mom with various recipes in the kitchen, sitting down to a low-key meal for the four of us, and relaxing afterwards with pumpkin pie. It's quiet, it's low-key...it's what we've done for a number of years now (not including those years I've not been home), and while it may not be some people's idea of a fun Thanksgiving, it's mine, all mine. So if I'm grateful for anything this year, it's having this warm, kind, peaceful place to come home to.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Where I am: Lebanon, KY


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

And yes, it was a huge, HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders.

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