shouldn't there be sun on sundays?

Dear Mother Nature:

I know that you may like rain. I like it, too. Just not when I'm
driving...on the night. For example, last weekend. The
lightning and thunder were really neat, but having to drive through it to
get from Oklahoma to Plano was not. Because that's just not very much fun,
especially when I'm driving through a residential area with no streetlights
when the road is so wet that my headlights are creating a glare that
prevents me from seeing the lines on the road. That was an interesting
drive I could have done without, but thankfully I had my friend Karen to
keep me company and distract me from saying some very unpleasant things
about you.

So please understand that I didn't mean to lose my temper tonight when I was
driving home from Philadelphia...on the the rain.
Because I didn't have Karen to keep me company or give me directions. So
when I got all turned around, couldn't find the right on-ramp, ended up in a
neighborhood that may or may not have been sketchy, and couldn't see where
the lanes in the road were because of the glare on the road, all while
trying to figure out exactly where I was and how to get where I needed to
be...well, you can see why I may have said a few choice phrases about your
weather selection for this evening.

It's just that, well...driving in the rain every Sunday is not a pattern I'd
like to continue experiencing. So maybe next Sunday we could have something
different. Sun would be wonderful, but even plain ol' non-rain clouds would
work. What do you think? Please?
Sincerely yours,

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: "The Motorcycle Diaries" and "The Snow Leopard"


I can totally relate.

The weather has been really wonky lately.

As for driving in the rain - I hate it, especially drizzle at night. That is the absolute worst.

Well, that, and the fog I drove home in tonight.

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