first date update: he asked...i declined

After my date last week, he emailed me to say he'd had a nice time and that
we should get together again sometime. I emailed him back, said I'd also
had an enjoyable evening, and conveniently left out any reference to future
possibilities. Because who knows? Maybe he was just saying that to be
polite, and had no plans whatsoever to ask me out for a second date.

Heh. No such luck. Turns out he wasn't just saying that to be polite.
Sigh. This morning, I had an email from him asking if I had any plans this
weekend...and if not, would I be interested in catching a movie. Now, both
Baxter and Dave had offered good advice - to be honest and share my feelings
with him. And I really appreciate their input. You know what, though? I
have to admit that for a split second (possibly two), I considered taking
the easy route...because I totally have one. I leave on Thursday to spend
three days in DC, then go home for a week for Thanksgiving, then have
friends staying with me the week after that. So I totally could have strung
him along with the "I'd love to, but am kinda busy for the next few weeks"

But I didn't. (As if you thought I'd do something like that...c'mon!)
Instead, I wrote him what I hope was a simple and relatively pleasant email
to decline his invite. It went something like this:

"I appreciate the invitation, but am going to have to decline. Don't get me
wrong...I enjoyed our dinner together last week and loved talking with you.
It just doesn't feel like there's a connection there, so I would feel a
little awkward accepting your invitation."

Then I hit Send, and prayed that my honesty would create some good karma for
me out in the universe known as the dating world. Here's hoping.

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: the same two books I've been reading for weeks now...bleh


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