because someone must know the answer

What region of the country is Minnesota considered to be in?

For example, if you're talking about Alabama, you know it's in "the South". If you're talking about Massachusetts, you know it's in "the Northeast". So where is Minnesota?

(And believe it or not, this is not the random question it may appear to be. This is information I need to get my job done. How fun is that?!)

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P.S. A big sleepeybear thank you to BrownEyed Girlie, Adrianne and Karen - they knew the answer! I can do my job better knowing that I'm using the correct references when discussing that part of the country. Much appreciated!


I lived there for awhile, and it's where my ex is from, and we both (along with his relatives, and anyone I met out there) refer to it as the Midwest.

Long answer to a short question, but, well, it's been one of those days.
Karen said…
Miss BEG is right. It's the Midwest. How is Minnesota State doing?
Adri said…
My family is from South Dakota. I (and they) definitely consider Minnesota to be the Midwest.

I totally understand the reasoning behind your question. I had to ask what my region is for my professional organization rep position. Essentially my territory is the entire state of California from the Oregon border to just north of San Luis Obispo. That's my "half". Some half!

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