how to entertain yourself on a sunday morning

For years and years, people have mistakenly said I have black hair. Truly, it's not black...just very dark brown. Honestly. But lately I'd been wondering what my hair would look like black. So this weekend I decided to see once and for all just how different it would be.

And really? There's not much difference. I don't think anyone will notice unless I point it out, and even then, they're not going to see it. I see it...mainly because I no longer see the natural highlights that were there when my hair was its natural color. Oh well. It was worth a try.

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What I'm reading: A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking by Ali Edwards


Adri said…
Baxter said…
Yay for experimenting with your hair when you're bored! I have this tendency to cut mine in response to a need for change in my life :-)
P.S.--There's something coming your way in the mail--I hope it gets there! I meant to send it to you a loooooong tme ago!
Karen said…
Yeah. I can't tell. I look fantastic! Amazing! That was brave! Black hair doesn't look good on everyone. You make it work! I dig it. You look awesome!

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