Who says manners don't matter?

Because she said "please" and even "thanks", there was no way I could possibly turn down Karen's request to create a Flickr account for photos of my scrapbook pages. Well that, and I absolutely loved the idea of being able to post more than just a couple of pages at a time for people to check out. So now I have yet another online account to take care of...but I'm excited about putting my creativity out there in a new way.

Before you go rushing off to check out my pages, let me share a couple of brief thoughts, to save you the trouble of thinking them. First - some of the photos of my pages are a little fuzzy. That's the camera's fault, because apparently it doesn't like to take clear pictures when I turn the flash off. Hopefully, future pics will be clearer. Second - yes, there are a lot of pages with the ex-mr. sleepeybear on them. Totally not a problem for me, because the pages still rock...but if that's bothersome for you, just imagine someone else in his place...like Josh Duhamel or Matthew McConaughey...and be patient. I should have more recent pages from my current album posted soon.

Hope you enjoy them...I certainly have fun making them.

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Karen said…
Hooray! Hooray! They look fantastic! I love them very much. I can't wait to see more! More! More!!!

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