Travel notes

* I love flying on Southwest Airlines. Every seat is comfortable, the staff are friendly and sometimes even quirky - it's a great flight experience! Now if only they flew direct.

* Is anybody else highly amused by the fact that they put peanut warning labels on packages of peanuts??? No seriously...the next time you're on a plane, read the package. Somewhere, there will be a warning to the effect of "This product has been processed at a facility that may process nuts." It's not that I don't understand why they post these types of warnings on packages...but c'mon. If you're worried about peanut allergies, why are you eating peanuts in the first place?!

* I am thrilled that the agent at Enterprise gave me the wrong car, as I now have a car with a CD player. Sounds like no big deal, I know...but you try driving through the hills of Kentucky (or worse, the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina) with only the radio. The limited selection of music can be painful. With a CD player, I can rock out at 80 mph to driving faves like Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill and the Gorillaz...interstate, here I come!

* And finally, I love that I have a job that lets me travel all over the country! Am I on the road more than I'm at home? Well, this semester, yes. But I get to visit college campuses to talk about the fraternity that I love...I get to help students prepare for their own amazing fraternity experiences...and I get to see dear friends in the process. Damn, I love my job!

Where I am: Dayton, OH


Anonymous said…
once on southwest this guy next to us claimed to have such a peanut allergy that he requested the flight attendants NOT serve peanuts on that flight. you should have seen the revolt. ~Nichole

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