So you may have heard about the snowstorm that roared through the Northeast this weekend, wreaking havoc at the airports and setting single-day snowfall records in NYC. Well, thankfully, I missed all of that, but I do get to enjoy the beautiful results this week.

Exhibit A, from the parking lot in my hotel in New Brunswick:

and Exhibits B & C from the Rutgers University campus:

I love, love, love snow!!! It's so peaceful and pure and beautiful...especially under the light of this week's full moon. The only thing that would make my snow days better is if I had my snow clothes, so I could play and tromp around...because those big open spots of snow? That look (at least) calf-deep? Are sooooo tempting to jump into! Hmmm...I may just have to play in the snow before I leave.

Where I am: Lancaster, PA
What I'm reading: Freedomland by Richard Price


Dan said…
Beautiful yes, but alas, wasted. Saturday into Sunday snow does nothing for my desire to not be at work. If the weather gods really cared about me, Sunday into Monday snow is where it's at!

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