Things that made me smile today...

...finding the delicious wine that Esther and I enjoyed in DC at my local grocery store

...finally (!!!) having a wine I really, truly like: Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling.

...the pride I feel when I call an administrator, introduce myself, and hear them say, "Sure, I know Phi Sigma Pi."

...the yummy taste of artichokes.

...the pampering and fun of going to the salon.

...knowing just a smidgen more about Nickelback than Bart.

...scheduling another colonization effort for this academic year, and being one school closer to my goal.

...watching the sun set as I walked.

...Karen's anniversary.

...the smell of vanilla candles.

Where I am: Home


Karen said…
*singing* *poorly* You were always on my were always on my mind...

Yeah, I watched Practical Magic the other day. All I need now is a good strong Tequila!

Thanks for adding me to your smiley list!

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